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Thompson Wilson specialise in student properties.

With a university, a college and various higher education courses, High Wycombe plays host to thousands of students each year. Part of the student experience is making it alone, and that means finding a suitable property from where you can carry out your studies. Here at Thompson Wilson we specialise in finding student accommodation and believe that no-one does it better.

Over the years students' tastes and needs have changed. Today they look for good quality, roomy homes to share with friends. One of the most common demands is a decent sized bedroom with a double bed. Clean, modern furnishings and stylish décor is also well up there on the list.

Thompson Wilson believe that the student years are ones you should enjoy and cherish for a lifetime. It is a unique journey, and for many is a coming-of-age experience. As such we will only deal with landlords who share the same ethos as us. By renting through Thompson Wilson, we will take away the hassle and stress of finding a suitable property and we will stay besides you right up to the moment you move in. The key to a successful student tenancy is communication and cooperation on both sides. That means we listen carefully to your requirements and then share with you our wealth of knowledge of Student Accommodation.

Step-by-step Guide

  • 1. Find a suitable property
  • 2. Organise a viewing
  • 3. Secure the property
  • 4. References
  • 5. Paperwork
  • 6. Pay your first rent instalment
  • 7. Pay your deposit
  • 8. Move in!

Thompson Wilson Tips for Students

Work out an affordable budget. Take into account all your outgoings including: rent, utilities, food and travel expenses.

When cohabiting choose your housemates wisely. Go over their worst habits and make sure you can put up with them before committing to sharing a property with them.

Consider taking out an insurance policy to cover your personal items. It is also advisable to take out insurance to cover you in the event of any accidents that cause damage to your landlord’s property. Thompson Wilson can help you with this. Just ask!

Act quickly. Once you’ve found a property you like, secure it before someone else does. Keep all your documents in a safe place. You may need to refer to them throughout your tenancy.

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